Pay Per Click

An Internet marketing practice that is used to attract audience to a particular site. Ppc ads ensure that the attracted audience or traffic will accentuate the visibility and popularity of the website and hence, benefiting one through sales. From search engines to partner networks to social networks ads can be put everywhere however a thorough or well mechanised marketing or advertising campaign has to be drafted to that will ensure optimum distribution of ads among these various networks. PPC services by Tracktive Digital Marketing Agency organises and controls the placement of advertisement on these network to ensure the best effective result is delivered to you.

How we work

People use keywords to search for specific services or products

If their keywords match your services/products, you paid ad appears beside Google search reslts.

People click on your ad, go to your website and buy your product

Calculate your ROI using data sucha as number of clicks, cost per click and conversions.

Relevance & Targeting
AdWords sends your Ad only to relevant customers and you can target them based on locations mobile behavior and language.

shows ads to users based on their activity on your site. Advertisers can follow users and show relevant ads to drive conversions.

Take your website to TOP of SEARCH ENGINES